Eprida Press Release
July 7, 2005

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November, 2010
Energy & Environmental Science - Sustainability: the capacity of smokeless biomass pyrolysis for energy production, global carbon capture and sequestration
July, 2010
Ode Magazine - The new black gold?
December, 2009
Anderson Cooper Segment on CNN (Dec 10, 2009) - One Simple Idea
October, 2009
MagneGas Teams With Fellow Green Technology (Eprida) to Push Limits of Environmental Recovery Possibilities
October, 2009
Atlantic Magazine - 27 Brave Thinkers Who are Shaping Our Future -- Eprida's Danny Day named a Brave Thinker of 2009
March, 2009
CNN.com - Can biochar save the planet
Feburary, 2009
ChemMatters - Ancient Soil Chemists of the Amazon [pdf]
December, 2008
Biochar Offered as Climate Change Reduction Tool
December, 2008
Time.com - Carbon: The Biochar Solution
October, 2008
Bioneers 2008
September, 2008
NationalGeographic.com - Soil: Our Good Earth, A National Geographic Report
September, 2008
TheOilDrum.com - Terra Preta: Biochar And The MEGO Effect
September, 2008
Black Magic
February, 2008
The biggest challenges of the 21st century
January, 2008
Ancient soil methods impress modern science and help climate
November, 2007
BioScience - Getting Back to the Garden [pdf]
October, 2007
Biomass - Agrichar Rejuvinates Tired Soils [pdf]
May, 2007
Scientific American.com - The Companies and Organizations Poised to Turn Garbage into Fuel, Fertilizer and a Means of Carbon Sequestration
May, 2007
Special Report: Inspired by Ancient Amazonians, a Plan to Convert Trash into Environmental Treasure
August, 2006
Nature - Putting the carbon back: Black is the new green [pdf]
August, 2006
WorldChanging.com - Terra Preta: Black is the New Green | David Zaks and Chad Monfreda
June, 2006
Macon Telegraph - Branching out for fuel: Georgia an early leader in quest to produce ethanol from timber
May, 2006
UGA Research Magazine - Turning Timber into Black Gold [pdf]
January, 2006
Athens Banner-Herald - University researches alternative fuels: Byproducts from tree harvests could be put to new use
January, 2006
ThermalNet Newsletter Featuring the Iowa State Cornstover Utilization Project [pdf]
December, 2005
Eprida Technology Delegation Visits China to Seek Cooperation
November, 2005
Eprida Joins Iowa for Cornstover Research Project
Autumn, 2005
Part of Eprida's Research team, Iowa State, wins Grant for Cornstover Research Project [pdf]
July, 2005
Eprida Files Patent in 30 Countries to Mitigate Global Climate Change
January, 2005
Economical CO2, SOx, and NOx capture from fossil-fuel utilization with combined renewable hydrogen production and large-scale carbon sequestration
January, 2005
Radio Netherlands: The Research Files or (mirror)
September 4, 2004
Clean Air Tech Has Ancient Roots
August 25, 2004
Charring Peanut Shells for Hydrogen Fuel
August 2, 2004
Carbon negative energy to reverse global warming
July 19, 2004
Clearing The Air
July 6, 2004
Cutting-Edge Biomass Technologies For Mitigating Acute Climate Change
June 10, 2004
Bio-refinery reduces build-up of greenhouse gases
June 9, 2004
Researchers Present Climate Change Solutions To G8 And World
May 25, 2004
Sustainable energy systems with technologies for CO2 capture and storage: an Aspen Plus simulation of the Eprida process
May, 2004
UGA Site to Host Georgia's First Bio refinery
May 18, 2004
UGA to host symposium on soil, environmental benefits of Amazonian Dark Earth (Terra Preta)
March 31, 2004
Global Security Increases With Non-explosive Fertilizer Developed By EPRIDA
November 22, 2002
Researchers find profitable sequestration of power plant emissions
November 11, 2002
Biofuels for Fuel Cells: Making energy from nutshells, and other tales
November 6, 2002
Peanut Hulls Yield Hydrogen, Fertilizer Component in Demonstration
October 29, 2002
Locking up Carbon in Fertilizer
October 24, 2002
Is Profitable Sequestration of Power Plant Emissions right around the corner?
September 3, 2002
Hydrogen Research Project Delivers
August 28, 2002
A Sustainable Future may Depend on Hydrogen, Carbon Sequestration and Nitrogen Fertilizer
August 28, 2002
New Fertilizer Offers Carbon Sequestration Benefit
August 27, 2002
Renewable Hydrogen, High Volume Carbon Sequestration and a Nitrogen Fertilizer Offer a Sustainable Future
December, 2001
Production of Hydrogen from Peanut Shells
October 18, 2001
Development of a catalytic fluid bed steam reformer for production of hydrogen from biomass
August 17, 2001
Using Control Automation to Monitor and Control the Pyrolysis of Peanut Shells
August 17, 2001
Engineering the Production of Hydrogen to Biomass via Catalytic Steam Reformer: Pyrolysis
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