First Reformer Run   Blakely Aug 25 - 2002

The pyrolysis system experienced a temperature excursion at 4am on Aug 25 and we had to shut down and replace an oxygen sensor and 2 thermocouples.  It took the better part of a day to replace the sensor mounting plate and thermocouples.  After grabbing a few hours sleep we started back up at dusk.

A careful control earned us a stable supply of pyrolysis gas.

At 11:46 PM on August 25, 2002 the hydrogen reformer the call went out that the reformer was ready to be brought online.

Shivayam took the call and switched the steam on to the eductor, and the hydrocarbon rich gas was switch on. 

 Within minutes a beautiful flame appeared in the second stack.  We memorialized the event with a climb to the roof.

This is a shot of Danny Day, Yaw Yaboah and Shivayam Ellis between the pyrolysis and hydrogen flares. 

The yellow flame is the pyrolysis flame.  The hydrogen flame shows up as a light blue due to a small amount of methane in the final gas.  If there where no methane, it would be perfectly clear. When walking around the hydrogen flare, our glasses would fog from the steam when we walked downwind of the blue flame.

99 hours remain in this demonstration experiment during which time we will be testing and optimizing the system and catalyst performance.