First Pyrolysis Run   Blakely Aug 22- 2002

System comes up with a clean flame. 

The screening procedure somehow missed this piece of steel and the feed valve stopped.  Quickly corrected, the system is started back up.

Seven (7) hours later the system is running without a hitch.

A steady flow of gas.  The yellow flame is from having not enough air at the combustion zone and poor mixing.  Still it burns with no smoke.

The automation makes it a slow night.  There is little else other than recording data.

Take a look at the color of the heat showing through the insulation.


This is the other side.  The unit is made of a high temperature stainless steel.  It is running 300 degrees under its maximum rating.

At the end of the first full run, the system is brought down and shut off with no problems.  The next day it is started up and run without any significant issues.  The team has now 24 hours of run time and plans to start up the reformer in its warm up cycle, and get ready for a full system run on Saturday, August 23, 2002.