Job Openings

Beginning Sept 1, 2003 we will have a limited number of on-site research jobs opening.  We are seeking talented and motivated individuals who we can offer a chance to participate in this exciting work.  To learn more about the specific conditions of the jobs, please fill out this form. 

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There will be two or more positions which will be filled for a 7 month term. The first is for a chemical engineer (or very strong chemical engineer background), post-doc a plus with some experience in conversion technologies, a solid and detailed understanding of control strategy (ability to design and implement), and be ready to get your hands dirty as the assistant to the project leader. Must be able to manage a team and have good writing and communication skills. There would be a 7 month minimum for this contract. There are follow up projects in planning stages and with funding approval this could offer employment for additional individuals with similar capabilities.  If you have an interest, please apply so that we can keep you informed about job openings. The second position(s) is for a intern (degree preferred ) with strong computer skills, hand on abilities, PLC and controls background a plus, biomass conversion experience a plus, thermal process experience a plus, and a willingness to learn and be a self starter. This can be for as little as 3 months but we would prefer 6-9 months. Which of these two would apply to you?

Chemical engineer/ Assistant to Project Leaders
Project Intern

Please provide the following contact information:

Work Phone
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Please select the months that you could work in 2003:

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Please indicate your income needs per month:

The research facility is moving to the University of Georgia (UGA). A car is helpful but not required as there is a bus system. What would you plan to use?

We do not pay for transportation to and from your existing location. You will be responsible for those costs. However, if initial travel cost to get here are the only limiting factor, for the right individual we would be willing to consider advancing travel expense. What would be your situation? Prior to moving to UGA, we will cover out of pocket expense for travel to and from the existing site up to $300/month.

List your past degrees. What is your current field of study? Research Interests?

What is your primary interests in working on this project? This does not have to be related to your study.

What other areas of research related to this work would you have an interest should funding become available?

To submit a current resume or CV, complete the above form and then Submit Form.

Revised: August 17, 2003