The Midnight to Dawn Shift Aug  2002

The lights from our flare and project made a pretty picture every night as everyone slept quietly in town, we made hydrogen and solid carbon.

The midnight to dawn shift had a quiet time as there was little to be done other than record data.  Going out for a meal at 2-3am was impossible in a very rural town like Blakely.


We were not into the test very far before some said, lets grill out.  So, every night someone volunteered as chef and brought in food.

While chicken and ribs seemed to be the favorite mix, Jeremy made the meal complete with veggies.

The tables were scarce but the data recording table had to be manned so it was a natural place to eat.


Shivayam and Charlie favored hamburgers and hotdogs.  All agreed, the charcoal was as good as any commercial brand and produced no smell or residue.  Due to its small size, it also provided very good heat distribution.


The peanut shells we use have been pelletized at the facility that adjoins the project and sits immediately adjacent to the SAI facility.  These pellets start off at 1/4 inch but then shrink down to almost half that size.

This is the plant where our pellets originate.  Each one of those bins holds about 150 metric tons.