Run Complete

 Aug 30  2002

After the run completed, we all went home and got our families and gave them a tour.   It was a very proud moment as we shared with our children the idea that farmers could be providing them with, food, energy and helping the environment.

The local project team gave 100%. With their help, the project was a resounding success. Shivayam, in the back row, must be standing on a ladder.  Phillip, next to him, at 6'8" was who we turned to to reach places we could not get a ladder. We missed having Johnny Carroll there but he had to get on the road for a long drive for the labor day vacation.

The end of the day we had a meal of barbecue with family

While next week we can begin the process of dismantling some systems for evaluation and pulling together all our data, we can go into the holiday weekend knowing we have made a valuable contribution to the future of our planet.