The Wheatgrass Experiment Log

Wednesday, January 1, 2003

A plat of wheatgrass used at a local juice bar was picked up just after it had bed harvested.  The grass was trimmed to the lowest level, average height was 1/2inch high. There are a two brownish areas that ended up in the samples but were split so that it was in sample plots 3 and 4 though on opposing sides as the sample was turned after trimming.

5 half gallon jugs were split and 6 in holes were punch into each one.


The grass bed was cut into 5 equal slices 4in x 8 inches long and placed into the half milk jugs.  2 inches was left over and it was placed into the other half of the milk jugs as controls.

A 20 gram sample of ECOSS was spread out on a 12x14 pan and allowed to air for 3 hrs then 4 samples were weighed.  The samples were gram, 1 gram, 2 grams and 3 grams.  The milk jugs were then numbered 1-5,  #5 was water with 50 ml of water which was the same amount given to each sample set..  #4 had the gram sample sprinkled on it and then water sprinkled evenly on it. #3 had 1 gram, then watered, #2 had 2 grams then watered and number 1 had 3 grams.  Careful application was made to insure an even distribution of the ECOSS.  The samples were placed back in the tray. The darkness as you move to the left in this shot above is the ECOSS on the soil.  It was fairly uniform color before the application.. The trays bottom ridges insures good drainage but since it is indoors and in my house, I put card board underneath it and wrapped it in tin foil so no water can leak.

Thursday January 2, 2003

The samples were placed in the front of a triple insulated window and rotated twice during the day. The average temperature is 66 degrees.  The samples seemed a bit dry so I upped the water to 100ml.  No pictures were taken.

Friday January 3, 2003

The day was overcast and the soil moist. No water was needed.  This shot I took outside to insure maximum lighting.

The plants seem to be growing well.  They are kept in the window sill. The first image was from a point 6 inches above and at a 45degree angle.

The second was taken from a slightly lower angle and the order reversed.

This last image was taken with daylight and level with each sample.

ECOSS treated 1 and 2 are significantly darker and very healthy looking.  The untreated sample is growing well but is not as green.

Saturday, January 4, 2003

These shots were taken outside in the sun.  Plants were mist watered to dampen soil.  Bottom of soil was still damp.

Sunday, January 5, 2003

The plants were all watered 50ml sprinkled evenly over the surface.  The two inch mark on the ruler is marked in red.

The tallest is #1.  1&2 are averaging 1/2" taller than the next highest sample #5.

January 6th

No Pictures taken

January 7th

Sections of 1 are the tallest but overall 2 looks to be the healthiest. Water 50ml each

Recap (Tray #, grams of ECOSS)

[#1, 3gr]                  [#2, 2gr]                     [#3, 1gr]                [#4, 1/2gr]            [#5, 0gr]

January 8th

The tray  was placed under a growth light to reduce light as a variable.  The distance to the light is 50cm.

January 9th

No Picture taken.  Watered 50ml each.

January 14th (Have watered the plants every 3rd day now)  Seems they have matured as much as possible.)

3 and 4 do not look healthy, followed by 5 and 1.  #2 still seems the tallest and healthiest.

January 17, Preparing to run another set at higher doses.


January 26th.  I am leaving for the EUEC conference and will not be here to start a new experiment until Feb1. 

I had closed the blinds on the 17th so the plants have been in total darkness for the last week. This is a high

resolution shot so if you click on it you can see a closeup.