Calendar Of Activities and Outreach

April, 2004

American Chemical Society

Carbon Sequestration Presentation



Wednesday, April 1, 2004

Anaheim, CA


March, 2004


Electric Utilities Environmental Conference

Carbon Sequestration Presentation 

Private Competitive Grant Competition Finals

Ontario, CA

January, 2004

Electric Utilities Environmental Conference

Carbon Sequestration Workshop Presentation

Danny Day gave a 30 min talk (Powerpoint Overhead Presentation)

"Carbon Negative Energy"

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Tucson, AZ


May, 2003

DOE Carbon Sequestration Conference

James W. Lee will be giving a technical presentation

Eprida will be exhibiting and giving a poster presentation

May 5-8, 2003

Alexandria, VA

March, 2003

National  Hydrogen Association Conference

Eprida gave a poster presentation

March 4-8, 2003

Washington, DC

Briefing Given to:

Spencer Abraham U.S. Secretary of Energy


February, 2003


BioFuels Conference

Eprida gave a poster presentation

February 19, 2003

Athens, GA

                            January, 2003

Electric Utilities Environmental Conference

Carbon Sequestration Workshop Presentation

Danny Day gave a 15 min talk (Powerpoint Overhead Presentation)

"Economical CO2, SOx and NOx capture with combined hydrogen production"

Wednesday, January 27, 2003

Tucson, AZ



                            December 2002


U.S. Climate Change Workshop

December 5-8

Briefings Given to: 

Rajendra K. Pachauri  Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Jim Mahoney  Dir. Climate Change Science Program, NOAA, US DOC
John Marburger Science Advisor to the President of the United States
Robert Marlay Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, US DOE
Mitchell Baer Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Policy and International Affairs, US DOE
Ari Petronios Office of Science, US DOE 
Jerry Elwood Dir. Env. Sciences, Office of Biological and Env. Research, US DOE
Mike Jawson USDA Climate Change Liaison to NOAA
Jagadish Shukla Dir. of COLA, President, Institute of Global Environment and Society
Michael Schlesinger Dept of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois
Eileen Shea East-West Center
John Hom Northern Global Change Program, USDA Forest Service
Brian Flannery Climate Change Safety, Health and Env., Exxon Mobil
Ken Caldeira Lawrence Livermore National Labs
James W. Patten VP Advanced Energy Technology, Battelle
Peter Galusky Corp Enrionmental Safety, Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC
Manoj Guha Manager Corp Technology Development, American Electric Power
Nick Hutson Chemical Engineer, Office of Research and Development, US EPA
Charles Rice Professor Soil Microbiology, Kansas State University
Eric Sundquist Research Geochemist, Water Resources Division, USGS
Aaron Rappaport Rep. for Global Warming Policy, Union of Concerned Scientists
Kert Davies Global Warming Campaign Coordinator, Greenpeace
Katherine Silverthorne Dep Director Climate Change, World Wildlife Fund
Elizabeth (Betsy) Middleton Remote Sensing-Env Sciences, NASA



December 3, 2002


Beltsville, MD


Steve Shafer Climate Change Program Manager, USDA
Don Erbach BioEnergy Program Manager, USDA


                                        November, 2002

Pre-Disaster Mitigation and Remediation Conference and Workshop

Roanoke, VA

Keynote Speaker: A Sustainable Future
November 21-22, 2002


Huston Eubank Senior Consultant, Rocky Mountain Institute
John Hager Homeland Security Director for Virginia

USDA Carbon Sequestration Conference

Raleigh, NC

November 18-21, 2002

Conference Workshop Presentation:

William Hohenstein Global Change Program Office, USDA
Naomi Pena Pew Center on Climate Change