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Detailed Overview

Eprida is a technology development firm offering consulting, equipment design and technology licensing. We do not manufacture biochar but do provide a Technical Evaluation Report for your feedstock and process as well as the data needed for environmental permitting. What are the optimal process conditions (temperature, pressure, time, particle size, heating rate) needed by your feedstocks to produce fuels, biochar and other higher value co-products? Our laboratory services can provide information on the economic viability of using your feedstock with different process technologies as well as sample quantities for a range of laboratory analysis.

Through our third party contract bench scale testing services we can simulate nature's thermal methods for biomass conversion, as well as those available from the range of pyrolysis vendors. This allows us to help get you the information to evaluate the opportunity in sustainable waste processing and energy production. This is the first step in producing a business plan, no matter if you choose open-source or proprietary platforms. Contact us for more information on how our consulting services can help your business plans.

Our methods address the global issues faced by all life:

  1. Too much carbon in the air causing global warming
  2. Too little carbon in the soil, causing topsoil loss, reduced soil fertility and agricultural yields.
  3. Too much nitrogen and other manmade chemicals in water runoff, causing hypoxia, loss of coral and other ocean life.
  4. Too little renewable energy production to meet increasing global needs, causing CO2 emisions from fossil fuels to grow.

Eprida's technology services offers an elegant, profitable and truly sustainable closed loop solution to these challenges. Our design services can help provide you with a unique bio-energy platform to transform biomass into a combination of sustainable products.

  • A unique soil restorative charcoal based fertilizer
  • Bio-mass fuels and co-products:
    • Many of which are carbon negative , i.e. more carbon is stored in topsoil regeneration than is released when the fuel is used.
  • Can be profitable at small scale
  • Return trace minerals from biomass crops back to the soil
  • Improve soil fertility and restore depleted land
  • Reduces the need for fossil fuel based products used in fuel and fertilizer.
  • Insure local availability of fuels and fertilizer to secure food production

More Detailed Business Explanation

Eprida is a social purpose hybrid of individuals, researchers, businesses, investors and licensees. Utilizing a hybrid business structure, social values and sustainable income are the common goals. Eprida's mission is met through open source licensing, systems development, and by providing technical and marketing support through a carbon negative process to reduce existing greenhouse emissions. Our sustainable business models are designed to help reduce climate change and create new income for farmers, entrepreneurs and partners worldwide by developing, deploying and integrating innovative, systemic solutions.

Our firm allows participants to join in rewarding, purposeful work of climate change management. For more information on participating or investing in your own company to support this work, please contact us.

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