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The rich complexity of our environment provides it with the ability to adapt and continue developing more capable demonstrations of life. The integrated systems of our ecosphere give hints to the directions for sustainability. Energy cannot be separate from the environment and the sustainable food supply cannot be separate from energy. From energy, to soil, to food and the humans and life forms that interact with the resources of our world, the overlapping utilization will naturally create pathways to sustainability. However, this world demonstrates that sustainability is a global aspect and not local. The competitiveness of each system will always create imbalances and out of those imbalances new systems will become temporarily dominant. The experiment of fossil energy succeeded in creating an imbalance that now will allow other options to become viable. The world may have billions of years to work out the details, but mankind will necessarily go through changes quickly as we adapt to the environmental conditions of the world.
The great opportunities facing our world will be met by sharing information, and solutions will be created at a more rapid pace than ever before. The pain and difficulties experienced locally are now part of that shared information and will influence our collective decisions. In broadening knowledge of the local pain, we introduce a global influence. This provides motivation for a shift in our willingness to adapt, try new pathways and expose new solutions to the imbalances of the world that will create the integrated solutions we seek. The understanding of the global impacts and their possible effects may provide the impetus for action. The world has brilliant resources and minds with capabilities that can see far into the future. The paradigm shift has been overlooked by many because it was not something that could be physically predicted. Instead, it is appearing as a subtle shift in perception. The evolutionary jump to the unexpected has begun out of the alliances and systems evolution created from our rapidly accelerating imbalances. As more cooperative sustainable systems are created, the speed of the coming change requires little but simple acknowledgement. This level of cooperation will help manage the fears of the unknown, however again it may only appear like sustainability. In other words, it is assuredly a global effect even though it may not seem to appear in all localities.

The over lapping systems will provide huge advantage to those ideas that support integrated benefits. The urgency is not for tomorrow but rather that we work today knowing that tomorrow will bring global solutions. The Foundation’s work is to spread through action the solutions that bring value to the greatest number of stakeholders. Through targeting and testing solutions, each success will build a mental framework that reinforces adoption. Our ability to then to facilitate large global shifts is derived from the steady acceptance of successful action steps produced out of a system of informational sharing and value creation.

Initial Action Steps

The foundation is starting with a broad set of integrated technologies. Additional global impact technologies will be sought and their rollout will be included so that overlapping systems, outreach efforts and synergistic partnerships can be utilized. In the scope of each plan, the economic creation of opportunity will be created from the lowest levels to the largest economic units. Every technology will utilize the support of collective sharing and work within the framework of international law to stimulate innovation and individual contribution. The rollout of a sustainable hydrogen and carbon sequestration technology will lead to economies based carbon negative materials. This will create income for the Foundation as countries trade outside their boundaries and create income, which will be reinvested to help identify and adopt and deliver other global solutions and increase the number of overlapping interrelated global stakeholders.

Action requires value creation. It means that our initial steps of helping to deliver means for increasing farm yields, developing systems that reward renewable energy with carbon sequestration must offer the most economically challenged individuals a vision of what is possible and methods for achieving a possible goal. That will be different for many societies in different stages of developing their economies of choice. However, the value of what they wish to achieve and the information that they learn as they implement their action plans cannot be understated. We have new informational systems to build so that the answers to questions can be found quickly and successes shared through our interdependence. Each story of society involved in achievement of their goal creates value for the world and helps weave a tapestry of appreciation and acknowledgement.

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