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Eprida, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a Delaware Corporation to provide a commercial vehicle for exploring innovative solutions to global challenges. Our first research focused on addressing global warming and has led to breakthrough innovations in renewable energy, carbon capture and carbon utilization for sustainable agriculture.

Eprida is a technology development company and social purpose enterprise, a hybrid for-profit company and a social purpose entity. We will provide an outstanding return on invested capital while also striving to insure the health and welfare of our employees and the global environment. This commitment is designed into our business plan, operations model, and investor expectations. We intend to work with visionary investors and strategic corporate partners to establish an economically self-sustaining model that will internalize costs in a socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible manner.

Eprida is building a world-class business, engineering and technical team. The company provides an environment where like-minded scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs can invest their time, capital and resources in the development of innovative global solutions. Working in collaboration with government laboratories, universities, contractors, non-profit entities, and a group of committed volunteers, our research and development activities are rapidly expanding.

In addition to climate change, Eprida remains committed to developing solutions to other pressing global issues, which will become even more apparent as we begin to make progress on climate change. To prepare to proactively address these issues a group of volunteers has established the Eprida Foundation. Eprida’s founders intend to direct a substantial portion of their earnings to this non-profit foundation. Both Eprida and the Eprida Foundation strive to be democratic, inclusive, open, transparent, accountable, effective, efficient, cooperative, and holistic. In addition to financial equity in the company, we invite investment through in-kind contributions, work-study, partnerships and technology cross-licensing. Please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions or ideas that help the company or the foundation in its mission.

E P R I D A = Earth . People . Research . Innovation . Development . Acknowledgement

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