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E P R I D A = Earth . People . Research . Innovation . Development . Acknowledgement

We face an unprecedented global challenge. For humanity to make it we must bring all people up to a sufficient level of material well being to live harmoniously with each other and preserve and restore what is left of nature. To do so will require a whole new level of both ecologically and socially sustainable technology; systems designed to provide universal material sufficiency and to thereby support social, environmental and spiritual abundance and security for all.

In many cases the development of appropriate sustainable technology will require research and development that is not normally regarded as profitable enough to attract support from conventional sources of venture capital. Yet, most foundations that do make program related investments have neither the mandate, nor the capacity, to understand how to invest in research and development of the technology they might wish to see deployed.

The Eprida Foundation will actively support research and development of innovative sustainable technology, as well as the aggregation of existing appropriate technologies. We acknowledge that in many cases good solutions already exist, but remain unknown, and a large part of our mission may involve bringing together and helping to disseminate knowledge of existing simple low-tech innovations that can help people empower themselves.

The Eprida ECOSS technology is both a good example of the new class of solutions we advocate, and potentially a key driver for a distributed economic empowerment model that Eprida plans to help implement through carbon sequestration credit trading. We believe that an agriculturally based carbon sequestration credit system could be a key driver for financing acquisition of other additional appropriate technologies throughout the world.


The Eprida Foundation is a not-for-profit entity with a mandate to facilitate education, research, and dissemination of appropriate technologies, and to support the preservation of bio-diversity.

The foundation holds licenses to patent pending intellectual property in developing societies managed in cooperation with research focused intergovernmental and nongovernmental agencies.

The Eprida Foundation Website:
www.eprida.org (under construction)

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