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Climate Change: The Opportunity

We are a diverse species and see the world from many different cultural perspectives. Combined with our individual backgrounds and life experiences, this creates an almost infinite complexity of perception. Yet, the differences in our physical appearances and thought mask a common spirit. We have grown and developed new capabilities. The skin was once accepted as the boundary of our nervous system. That has changed. A silicon, copper and fiber network has allowed us to develop a nervous system that spans the globe.

Just as a child begins to explore, discover and learn, we too are learning. We are taking steps toward a change that is exciting and inevitable. The hesitant mind feels comforted by the familiar but with each new day we gain insights which expand our awareness. Our capabilities are changing as our minds adapt. We are at the edge of an evolutionary threshold that will accelerate the development and understanding of the human spirit.

Climate change is an issue that has reached a level of global concern that can only be met by a combined resolve. The effects are real and cannot be ignored, yet it provides an opportunity to depend on this new system for sharing ideas and developing communication. Our steps may be small, but as we begin to build a common goal, it will accelerate. The speed of our thoughts and innovations will begin to merge and new capabilities will become apparent.

Our imagination is boundless and the combination of our many talents offer a future filled with hope. As we begin to understand what we can accomplish together, we will look at each global challenge as an opportunity. Each one of us bring part of the solution. It is our diversity that creates endless ways to achieve a bright future and our appreciation of each other’s inherent value that makes that future sustainable.

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